Agenda Item
Meeting Date:
10/29/2020 - 6:00 PM  
Consideration and Possible Action Item(s):  
HVAC Air Ionization Pilot Project  
District Goals:
Goal 1
Thriving Students
Goal 3
Empowered Staff
File Attachment:
CISD Phase 1 IAQ PHI Proposal Post L GroupR1.pdf
HVAC Air Ionatization Presentation.pdf
CISD IAQ Product Data Wrap Up.pdf
CISD PHI Unit Maintenance Cost Schedule - Post L.pdf
The District has completed its due diligence on HVAC products that would serve to mitigate the impact of airborne viruses at CISD campuses. Air Ionization technology has been recommended by several engineers that have worked on current District projects.

As such, the District is submitting this item for consideration and possible approval to pilot the Bi-Polar Ionization product at several District facilities. The pilot facilities include:

-Deer Creek Elementary School
-Sycamore Elementary School
-J.A. Hargrave Elementary School
-Jackie Carden Elementary School
-Fieldhouses at NCHS and CHS
Budgetary Impact:
Recommend approval of the HVAC air ionization pilot project as presented.  
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Leon Fisher - Executive Director
Signed By:  
Michael McFarland - Superintendent
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