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10/29/2020 - 6:00 PM  
Consideration and Possible Action Item(s):  
2019-2020 Annual Financial Audit Report  
District Goals:
Goal 1
Thriving Students
Goal 2
Engaged Community
Goal 3
Empowered Staff
To be attached as soon as available.  
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2019-2020 DRAFT CISD Annual Financial Audit Report.pdf
Audit Presentation.pdf
Each year, charter schools, education service centers and school districts must have their annual financial and compliance report audited by an independent auditor. The resulting annual financial and compliance report must then be submitted to TEA for review.  
Budgetary Impact:
There is no expense to present the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The District does however, contract with the independent auditor annually to be in compliance per TEA.  
Recommend acceptance and approval of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the Crowley Independent School District as presented for the year ending June 2020.  
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Stacey Adrian - Chief Financial Officer
Signed By:  
Michael McFarland - Superintendent
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